Coomassie Blue

InstantBlue Protein Gel Stain

  • Ultra-fast protein gel staining – results in 15 minutes
  • One step: no washing, no setting, no heating, no fading
  • Leave a clear background
  • No risk of excessive staining if left in staining solution
  • Compatible with mass spectrometry
  • Sensitive: detects as little as 5 ng of protein per band
  • Non-toxic – can be disposed of in the sink.

Ultra-fast 1-step protein gel staining

InstantBlue is the fastest ready-to-use Coomassie® stain available and has been optimized to provide well-defined protein bands in a single pass; Staining is accomplished in 15 minutes!

Ready-to-use gel stain

InstantBlue is specially formulated to detect proteins with a clear background, without the need to wash, fix, microwave or spot.

InstantBlue Protein Gel Stain is ready to use straight out of the bottle. It is non-toxic, disposable in the sink and does not shrink gels thanks to its methanol-free composition.

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